Department of

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Department of

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

Department of

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

The Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CS&AI) established in the academic year 2020-2021 offers 4-year undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) programme with two specializations, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI&DS), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI&ML).

The main objective of the Department is to impart the knowledge of the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning.

This programme is designed to make graduates aware of emerging technologies and novel ideas for designing and building the Intelligent software and formulate systematic solutions to concrete problems in the field of Data Analytics, Robotics, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Cybersecurity.

Students graduating in this programme assuredly get bright opportunities in different work sector involving applications of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, AI and Robotics.

Job roles for the students graduating from this programme span are Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Database Administrator, Statistician, Business Intelligence Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Engineer, ML Architect, Software Developer/Engineer.


To contribute competent computer science professionals to the global talent pool to meet the constantly evolving societal needs.


Mentoring students towards a successful professional career in a global environment through quality education and soft skills in order to meet the evolving societal needs.


Head of Department

The Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CS&AI) at MJCET is committed to provide innovative and quality technical education with high standards. This course is distinctively designed to enable students to build intelligent machines, software’s or applications with a cutting edge fusion of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytics and Visualization technologies. The main aim of the department is to stipulate empirical learning opportunities such as hands-on training, project-based courses and internships which gives a strong foundation to work in interdisciplinary groups. The faculty of the department is dedicated to mould the students to become proficient in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning and its associated fields required to cater to needs of the society. The department focuses on productive interdisciplinary collaborations to work across a diverse set of projects, laboratories, departments and industry partners. The Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (CS&AI) at MJCET with it’s on par infrastructure, faculty is well equipped to face the challenges in this digital era & provide the needed support to its graduate students.

No of Faculties in CS&AI Department are


Courses offered

    • B.E AI & DS
    • B.E AI & ML

The laboratories in the department

  • Programming for Problem Solving Lab
  • Data Structures and Algorithms Lab
  • Python Programming Lab
  • Database Management Systems Lab
  • Machine Learning Lab
  • Java Programming Lab
  • OOPS Using JAVA Lab
  • Computer Organization & Microprocessor Lab
  • Computer Networks & Operating Systems Lab
  • Data Science Lab